Our progress

We’ve already had requests for over 3400 surgical masks, 2600 Disposable respirators, 2000 pairs of latex gloves and 1800 plastic aprons to help our healthcare heroes in the fight against COVID-19.

We KNOW there is PPE out there in the hands of non-essential businesses and organisations that are shut down but we’re still struggling to reach them without your help.

Yesterday, on our second day after launch we had a very encouraging video conference with the highly regarded creative agency Cravens who have volunteered to help us out with our creative content and marketing which we hope will make a big contribution to our initiative. Keep an eye out for content over the coming weeks.

We’re working on SEO and our social media channels to boost awareness of what we’re trying to achieve but we can’t reach many people without your support.

If you’ve already liked, followed and shared us and are wondering how else you can help: donate 5 minutes of your day to go through your friends list and identify those working in any of the professions that regularly use PPE. A non-exhaustive list can be found on our home page. Send them a message along with a link to us and ask them to consider pledging any non-essential stock. It costs nothing but time.

Published by James

Technologist based in London.

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