About us

Founded by:

Karl Melkerts

Photo of James Hogg

James Hogg

With (a lot of) help from our friends:

  • Cravens – Creative content & advertising strategy
  • Hatch – Public Relations & Press
  • Lisa Salter – Marketing & Social Media
  • Storm Ashdown – Social Media & Content
  • Wayne Peacock – Logo design

Mission Statement

We started our initiative on the 26th of March 2020 with the mission to have the information ready in the event that our health workers ran low on key infection prevention supplies. That event came about very quickly.

We will adapt to the situation but currently we have three objectives:

  1. Collect information from donors of unused PPE who would like to donate to heathcare heroes that desperately need it.
  2. Collect information from healthcare heroes on what PPE they require, then match them with a donor so they can organise logistics between them.
  3. Keep a publicly visible list of legitimate businesses selling PPE at cost or close-to-cost prices.

For clarity: we are not asking for any items to be sent to us, only for our users to add to our database.

For more information on items we need pledges of, check our “What We Need” page.

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