Bridging the PPE Gap: Getting Creative

When facing a crisis it can be so tempting to find yourself a box and jump in it. Especially when the government tells you to. However, being in a ‘box’ doesn’t mean we’re unable to think outside of one. Just look at the inventive new ways people are connecting!

Millions of us across the UK are using the Internet in ways we never have before. New virtual communities are forming, bonding over common interests such as singing, cooking or computer games. Schools are supplying learning materials via apps, even television shows are being broadcast from living rooms. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and has challenged us to think outside the box.

That is what we need to do in order to ensure our NHS frontline staff have the PPE they need to fight Covid-19. We need to get creative. are here to help bridge the gap in the supply chain. It is our goal to create a database of trade companies and individuals who can pledge and ship medical grade PPE to the NHS and you can help us do it. 

Your neighbour, the chemistry teacher or your best friend’s dad who works in construction. Your girlfriend who owns a tanning salon or the guy from the pub who has a woodwork studio. These are the types of trades who may have vital equipment and YOU might be able to connect them with us. Take 15 minutes. Look through your contacts and direct them to Together we can help make the difference.

PPE: Let’s not be caught short

Personal Protective Equipment: Let’s not be caught short

With the global outbreak of Covid-19 we all feel the need to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We’ve bought hand sanitizers, disinfectants and distanced ourselves from family members, friends and neighbors. We’ve ordered overpriced and probably substandard, but still ‘good enough’ face masks just to do the grocery run. They won’t arrive for another 5 weeks, but that’s not so bad, because we’re staying home.

Our doctors and nurses aren’t staying home. Right now they are doing all they can to treat the thousands of people suffering from this infection, performing the vital works that will ultimately bring the UK through this epidemic. Our NHS is doing an amazing job, however, there are hospitals that are struggling to provide medical staff with the necessary PPE to safely treat patients. This means our heroes are at risk.

This week The Guardian and The Independent reported that medical staff are being asked not to discuss PPE shortages in public. Despite this “gagging” order, wild reports about hospital staff making masks from snorkels, and other stories about the general lack of necessary equipment are prolific across all media. This is a problem, but not one that we can’t overcome together. 

At we are asking trade companies with access to medical grade PPE to pledge what they can for medical facilities across the UK. Let’s help to protect our heroes. 

Note: Over 20,000 retired doctors and nurses across the UK have volunteered to return to work during this epidemic, despite being in the most vulnerable age bracket for this infectious disease. What will you do?

Bill Gates Interview: Testing is everything

5 years ago in 2015, Bill Gates gave a warning about a major pandemic hitting the world.

Question: “Did people listen to that warning at all?”

Bill’s Answer: “Basically, no.”

This latest interview from TED is well worth paying attention to:

So… how do you help? You can help by giving us 5 minutes of your time to go through your phone book or friends list looking for people in industries we’ve listed on our home page.

Our progress

We’ve already had requests for over 3400 surgical masks, 2600 Disposable respirators, 2000 pairs of latex gloves and 1800 plastic aprons to help our healthcare heroes in the fight against COVID-19.

We KNOW there is PPE out there in the hands of non-essential businesses and organisations that are shut down but we’re still struggling to reach them without your help.

Yesterday, on our second day after launch we had a very encouraging video conference with the highly regarded creative agency Cravens who have volunteered to help us out with our creative content and marketing which we hope will make a big contribution to our initiative. Keep an eye out for content over the coming weeks.

We’re working on SEO and our social media channels to boost awareness of what we’re trying to achieve but we can’t reach many people without your support.

If you’ve already liked, followed and shared us and are wondering how else you can help: donate 5 minutes of your day to go through your friends list and identify those working in any of the professions that regularly use PPE. A non-exhaustive list can be found on our home page. Send them a message along with a link to us and ask them to consider pledging any non-essential stock. It costs nothing but time.